SLP/Accent Trainer Course Index

Skills Training

There is a ton of content in the “Evaluation” section. Please consider this content to be used for your initial training as well as for continued growth after you get certified. You do not need to listen to every audio file in order to take your certification test. We do recommend the following as a minimum:

  • Phonetic Transcription: Complete this coursework
  • Error Identification and Analysis: Listen to and analyze three student recordings
  • Student Recordings and Analysis: Pick one language background to work through in depth

As you work with students from various language backgrounds, we hope that you will come back to these recordings to get a feel for error patterns before and during their training programs. Initially, however, we just want you to start becoming familiar with error patterns, developing your ear for sound changes, and growing your understanding of how to give specific feedback to students.

In this section, you can start with “Evaluation” or “Teaching.” You can also do some activities from “Evaluation,” jump over to “Teaching,” and then come back. In the “Teaching” section, you will find videos providing instruction for sounds; this information may be helpful to you as you go through the “Evaluation” section.

Optional Additional Live Event Recordings

In these videos, you can watch a recorded two-day live event in sequence. This is a different live event than what you see broken up into pieces throughout the training courses/sections you have already seen, but the content is almost exactly the same.

Rupp Method Recorded Live Event

Public Speaking/Business Communication Add-On

Watch a video explaining how to teach public speaking and business communication skills. After that, check out the student content which is divided up thematically. Keep an eye on these sections as we will be adding more video content.

Teaching Public Speaking and Business Communication Skills
Public Speaking/Business Communication Student Content

Advanced Learning Add-On (Coming Soon-ish)

We are working on a new add-on for trainers to continue their growth. This collection will include additional hands-on learning activities and detailed explanations of advanced teaching techniques.

You’ll also find in-depth discussion of business strategies, how to prevent and solve common problems and additional systems you can put in place to simplify your life and promote business growth. 

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