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Why Learners Choose Englission

Whether English is your first language or your fifth, speak more confidently and clearly using our proven system. Whether you’d like to improve your clarity, communicate more effectively with your team/manager/customers, or become a more engaging speaker, we can help you achieve your goal. We’ve helped native and non-native speakers from around the world become more confident, powerful and dynamic speakers.

Successful communication is not only necessary in our professional lives; how we communicate and connect with others is also essential to our sense of self. Make sure your ideas, knowledge, expertise and personality are truly seen and valued by speaking clearly.

Effective Method

Specific, detailed instruction and activities to propel your skills forward. Video, audio, and written lessons support all different learning styles.

Expert Coaches

Self-study and instructor-led courses with expert coaches who are passionate about communication coaching.

Extensive Content

The most in-depth, comprehensive content you’ll find for accent training, business communication, and public speaking.

American English Accent Training

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What Students Say About Us


"I was very impressed with the overall structure of the site…Very impressed with the content and how clear it was for me to understand, navigate and get something out of it. So I have to say kudos. Very nice." Watch Video


“Before this program, I had to repeat myself often or people asked me to speak louder. Now people understand me easily the first time I speak. I feel more empowered to speak up and more confident in my delivery.” Hear Her Story


"I could really sense the change. I could really feel the change…Before, my comments were being ignored, but now, after I followed your guidelines, it really helped me. I could really see the change." Watch Video

Irina, CPA

“Jane taught me things about English I had never thought about before. I can tell that my accent has improved because I don’t get asked to repeat what I say, especially on the phone.” Watch Video


“I can guarantee that ESL students will never find another special program like Jane’s. I had searched for all kinds of classes and materials from everywhere possible but nothing satisfied me until I found Jane last year. Thank you so much, Jane. You made my journey to my profession shorter and easier!! ”

Anthony, Network Engineer

“I have taken ESL classes several times in the past and none of them come close to what this training has done for me on a professional level, but most importantly, on a personal level.”

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What You’ll Learn

Englission offers training for all your communication needs. From American accent training to public speaking skills for native and non-native speakers, you’ll gain the skills you need to communicate confidently.

Advanced Learning and Resources [for Trainers/Coaches]

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"TH" vs. "T," "D," "S," "Z," and "F"

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/uʷ/ "Luke" vs. /ʊ/ "Look"

Public Speaking & Business Communication

Intonation and Pitch

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