Englission Inspiration

Hi! I’m Jane Rupp. I’m a speech-language pathologist based in Austin, Texas, but I prefer to tell people that I’m a communication coach. My business, Voices of the World Speech Training, is a center for accent reduction, business communication, public speaking and cross-cultural communication coaching. Native and non-native speakers of American English access our content and services to fine-tune their communication skills.

I fell in love with linguistics (the study of language) and the concept of pronunciation training while taking a French phonetics course in college. It was an extremely challenging course, but it was eye-opening and had a huge impact on my ability to communicate successfully in French. This experience ignited my passion for the science and art of speech production.

After completing my master’s degree in speech-language pathology, I almost immediately began working with English language learners on their pronunciation skills. The materials that were available on the market were too basic or didn’t even exist for many of the sounds and sound contrasts I needed to teach, so I started creating my own practice activities. Over time, my collection grew into a comprehensive training book. As I trained students from all over the world and worked to maximize the speed and extent of their success, the Rupp Method was born. My students kept telling me that I needed to reach more people with the information and content I had created; Englission is the result.

Englission has evolved into much more than accent training. Second language learners and native speakers use Englission and our 1:1 training services to improve their business communication and public speaking skills as well. Communication is all about connection– Englission is about helping you connect more easily and more successfully in any speaking situation.

This site is dedicated to every student who has helped me refine my skills, perfect my craft, and dream up my content. I’d like to extend a huge ‘thank you’ to each student who inspired me and encouraged me along the way.

  • Licensed speech-language pathologist in the State of Texas
  • Certified by the American Speech-Language Hearing Association (ASHA)
  • Owner and lead trainer at Voices of the World Speech Training
  • Expert in communication training with students from all over the world
  • Creator of all Englission content

How Englission Works


Select a course that interests you, or reach out for a free consultation to get recommendations from us.


Study the content and practice your skills. Repeat each lesson several times; pronunciation is not just head knowledge, but motor memory. Repetition is a key component of your success.


After practicing a section (e.g. words, sentences) several times, move up to the next level (e.g. sentences, paragraph).  You could also choose an additional course to study a new sound or skill.


When you start on a new lesson, focus on the new sound or concept. Once you begin to feel comfortable with that sound, start layering! You can work on the target sound for the lesson, but also start to incorporate other sounds and concepts you’ve learned.


Check out our options for one-on-one, face-to-face training. We can help you make faster progress with individualized instruction and feedback.


Teachers can learn with us as well. If you’d like to get certified and use our materials, please visit www.RuppMethod.com for more information.

The Englission Mission

Englission’s goal is for all speakers to have the opportunity and resources they need to speak clearly, speak confidently, and be understood.

Englission is designed for students who are dedicated to improving their skills. There is no “magic bullet” or quick fix. Learning a language is hard work! But as long as you’re working hard, you might as well work smart with our method and materials. We know that every student can make progress when they have the right resources and when they are committed to learning.

We believe that knowledge is power. We delve into the details to give you a fuller, more complete understanding of each skill. We believe that the more aware you are, the more power you have to make significant changes.

Language learning is an ongoing process that is never truly “done.” That is the beauty and the art of communication. There is always infinitely more to learn and refine, even for native speakers of a language. The goal is not perfection, but connection. We want you to be confident that people not only understand your message, but understand who you are as a person. Let people hear your true voice.

We will be up front with you– a structured individual course with one of our trainers is a better option than self-study. Specific, real-time feedback from an expert is the best and most efficient way to make significant change. That being said, not everyone has the time, funds, or desire to learn through live, one-on-one training, so we’ve created high-quality self-study options for you.

Englission is designed to give you the highest-quality resources to learn on your own through self-study. Our video tutorials, audio models, and extensive written content provide you with the information you need to speak clearly and be understood.