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Englission is the product of our work with thousands of students from 48 different countries, from engineers and small business owners to C-level execs and professional public speakers. We’ve seen consistent patterns in what speakers need to be successful in their communication. Englission targets those exact needs, giving you the insight and the tools you need to be more effective whether speaking one on one or presenting to large audiences.

With Englission’s courses, you will:

Enhance Your Communication

At Englission, we have a core set of beliefs which guide the way we teach.

Learners need more detail, not less

Effective learning happens with focus on the right details

Structured systems lead to better results

In-depth content leads to in-depth learning

Interactive activities lead to enhanced control and control leads to improved confidence

Students from 48 different countries have used our system to improve their communication- you can too!

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What Students Say About Us

Anthony, Network Engineer

“ I have taken ESL classes several times in the past and none of them come close to what this training has done for me on a professional level, but most importantly, on a personal level. ”

Irina, CPA

“Jane taught me things about English I had never thought about before. I can tell that my accent has improved because I don’t get asked to repeat what I say, especially on the phone.” Hear Her Story

Philip, Sales Manager

"Several people have noticed a difference in my speech and mentioned it to me, that’s a pretty neat feeling! I catch myself mispronouncing words and can correct myself right away. ”

Carmen, PhD Candidate

“Jane used several techniques in order to make sure I was pronouncing the sounds correctly. In addition, the exercises promoted learning in context, which made me associate specific words/sounds with specific situations described, and, then, it made it easier to learn new sounds. I’ve improved a lot my American English pronunciation."


“ I can guarantee that ESL students will never find another special program like Jane’s. I had searched for all kinds of classes and materials from everywhere possible but nothing satisfied me until I found Jane last year. Thank you so much, Jane. You made my journey to my profession shorter and easier!! ”

Deyanira, Teacher

“I was not aware of many sounds in American English and did not have any idea how to pronounce them. Now I can recognize them in everyday speech. The training has not only improved my pronunciation but also allowed me to understand new patterns of American accent."

For Coaches, Too!

Are you an experienced communication coach? Or a newbie to coaching? See how our resources can take your coaching to the next level.

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