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If you have any questions about your access, please speak directly with your trainer or reach out to us at

No, we do not offer refunds. Please be sure of your choice before you register for a subscription. Please contact us with any questions you have before purchasing.

Absolutely! We would love to work with  you. Please visit our 1:1 Training page for more information or reach out to us to set up a free consultation over the phone.

Definitely not! Pronunciation is a critical component of communication in any language. It is better to start learning the essentials of American English pronunciation at an early stage (if possible) so that foundational knowledge can frame everything you learn going forward.

It is recommended that you practice at least 30 minutes every day. The more, the better! The lessons are meant to be practiced many times over, and in fact, need to be viewed and practiced many times for changes to start taking place.

There is never a point at which it will not benefit you to learn, and there is never a point (based on age) at which someone is incapable of learning. We have had 70-year-olds take our classes and do well!

There are many individual factors which affect progress. Some examples are how much you practice and how closely you follow the instructions for practicing. Each student learns differently. Some students learn new information/skills easily and begin applying them right away; others require more time and feedback to make significant changes.

The best way to make a significant change is through one-to-one, live training with one of our expert trainers. That being said, our courses are designed to be used alone as a next-best option for those who aren’t ready to commit to a live training course.

We provide extensive video tutorials, lessons, practice materials, and audio files to give you the knowledge you need to start improving. We will teach you how to produce the sounds and how to avoid common pitfalls so that you can be understood easily the first time you speak.

Contact us for more information about your needs and how we can help.

Englission courses are designed for intermediate to advanced English language learners who want to improve their American English pronunciation skills. No prior pronunciation knowledge is required- we’ll teach you everything you need to know!

Our courses also serve as a resource for accent trainers and speech-language pathologists who would like to increase their knowledge and skills in pronunciation training. Ask us about becoming a certified trainer and getting access to our online materials.

Our self-study coursework is designed to provide convenient access to expert knowledge and content. Whether you’re studying pronunciation or working on your business communication skills, feedback from one of our certified trainers is the most efficient, effective way to move forward. These 1:1 sessions are intensive and completely customized. You will gain insight into your personal speaking patterns and get more specific, detailed feedback to maximize your progress.

We offer certificates for our live training courses for a $25 fee. In order to obtain a certificate for our self-study course, you need to pass a post-test; please contact us for more information.

Trainers and/or English teachers/tutors may not use or access any Englission content unless they are a certified and active Rupp Method trainer. If you’re interested in becoming certified, please reach out to us. You can find more information on our training website for trainers at

We offer the most in-depth, comprehensive training available for accent trainers, prepping you to offer high-quality, efficient, and effective services. Our materials are extremely detailed, providing every practice activity you need- no more lesson prep! Please visit for more information.

Above all, we are committed to quality. Our unique method and extensive practice materials are designed to help you make real, lasting changes to your pronunciation.

Most methods ask you to simply listen and repeat. If learning English was that easy, wouldn’t you have already mastered it by now? We recognize that American English pronunciation is complex. Our system is designed to break down the complexity as much as possible so that you can begin to hear and reproduce key features of American English, gaining independence and confidence in your skills.

Let’s be honest… Online training is online training. You’ll find fantastic information here and start opening up your mind to all kinds of new possibilities. However, the best way to make significant change is by getting personalized, detailed feedback. Englission is best used in combination with live training from one of our experts.

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