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Become a more engaging, effective communicator in any speaking situation. Whether you’re looking to improve your 1:1 communication or your ability to present to hundreds or thousands of people, we have the training you need.

Persuade, inform, and motivate more successfully by harnessing the power of language and speaking style. Transform your content to hook your audience and connect to them in a positive way.

With Englission’s courses, you will:

Our Method

We take complex speaking tasks, like small talk, and break them down into easy-to-understand, actionable skills that can be practiced and improved. When you understand and practice the core components necessary for success, you can gain control and confidence.

Persuade, inform, and motivate more successfully by harnessing the power of language and speaking style. Transform your content to hook your audience and connect to them in a positive way. 


Tired of general communication advice? So are we! Find in-depth guidance on key skills that will help you connect with your audience.


Delve into application activities as you convert new knowledge into practice, establishing new speaking patterns.


We cover a wide range of topics to help you feel more confident in each and every interaction.


Whether you want to improve your communication skills on a date or in a boardroom, you’ll get access to strategies that work.

Speak Confidently and Effectively

Public Speaking

Business Communication

Social Communication


For a limited time, we are offering all of public speaking and business communication content together for a single fee. Please note that the social communication course content is not yet complete. Access all of this content for only $99.

See What You’ll Learn

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Speak with confidence and clarity. Grab your audience’s attention and hold onto it!

Discover mental roadblocks that may be impacting your rate and cadence. Learn how to use rate strategically to create interest and engagement.

Get the breath support you need to sound powerful, confident and smooth.

Change the tone of your message with small but impactful adjustments. Spark your audience’s interest and desire to take action on your ideas.

Create engaging presentations that satisfy your audience and accomplish your goals.

Use stories to build relationships in the office and outside of it. Find out how to become a more dynamic storyteller, no matter what kind of content you have available to work with.

It’s not just what you say, but how you say it. Make sure your non-verbal communication supports your message and intent.

Ever get caught off guard and start stumbling over your words? Learn how to manage speaking anxiety and strategies for helping you more successfully navigate any speaking situation.

Access tips and tricks for communicating with difficult clients and colleagues. Speak more efficiently and effectively in the workplace.

Starting up friendly conversations and keeping them going is important for building relationships in and out of the workplace. Learn how to conquer small talk and create more comfortable conversations.

Go into your next interview with more confidence and a solid communication gameplan.

What Students Say About Us


“The new techniques I learned have helped me engage my audience and more effectively communicate my message. I have received positive feedback on my facilitation skills from colleagues and clients alike.” Hear Her Story


“I could really sense the change. I could really feel the change…Before, my comments were being ignored, but now, after I followed your guidelines, it really helped me a lot better. I could really see the change.” Watch Video


“I just want to give a huge shout out to Jane and Voices of the World who always helped me with my intonation and delivery.” Watch Video


"In the past, maybe I couldn’t communicate what I wanted to. Now, the trainers are helping me to organize and structure in a way that it’s much more efficient. And the communication, that’s my main goal, has been going much better. ” Watch Video

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