The Vowels You Didn’t Know to Skip

We all know that there are many silent consonants in American English. Did you know that there are many silent vowels as well? In this video, you’ll learn about what syllabic consonants are, how to pronounce them and why they’re important for sounding natural and being understood in American English.

Syllabic Consonants: What Your Dictionary Doesn’t Tell You

*Are you learning American English pronunciation? If so, please see our related post and video for language learners by following this link. Please note that this particular post is geared toward pronunciation teachers with a background in speech pathology or linguistics. However, language learners may find this information useful as well! Are you learning Did …

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Direct and Stated Questions

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Just Breathe

Even if you’re not mentally anxious about presenting in front of a group in your mind, your body might not always feel that same sort of calm and ease. The way you breathe while presenting can impact your voice projection as well as your perceived confidence and comfort in front of a group. Increased heart …

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