/z/, /ʒ/, and /ʤ/

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  • Learn how and when to use the /z/, /ʒ/, and /ʤ/ sounds in words like “zoo”, “measure” and “bridge.”
  • Video tutorial(s) teaching you key aspects of the sound or pattern.
  • In-depth, hierarchical practice activities to move you from basic to advanced skills.
  • Audio files accompany every practice activity to give you a model for each target.
  • Answer keys for practice activities to help you correct and better understand your error patterns.
  • Course content developed based on years of experience with English language learners from all over the world.


  • Learn sound production including key “landmarks” to help you gain accuracy.
  • Move from basic to advanced skills with our structured approach.
  • Discover spelling patterns for every sound, deepening your understanding of when to use each sound.
  • Get tips from an expert to help you avoid common pitfalls.
  • Gain consistency through repeated study and practice.

Jane Rupp

Jane Rupp

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