• A multi-sensory accent training method which teaches you to hear the difference, see the difference, and feel the difference between sounds
  • Focuses on articulation, intonation/melody, and stress patterns
  • Teaches you how to identify sounds in words using spelling patterns
  • Uses a hierarchical training sequence to move you successfully from single words to spontaneous speech
  • Incorporates grammar, vocabulary, and natural phrasing refinement
  • Includes extensive practice materials to build your accuracy and confidence


The Rupp Method℠ addresses the key problem non-native speakers of English face, which is that they can’t hear the difference between the sounds they are producing and the sounds they should be producing. If you can’t hear the difference, you won’t be able to accurately produce the difference.  That’s why the Rupp Method℠ teaches you to hear the difference, see the difference, and feel the difference between sounds.  Our systematic, intensive approach is designed to move you to full independence; our goal is for you to confidently and accurately use the sounds and sound patterns of American English on your own, long after you have finished the course.


With the Rupp Method℠, you will learn how small adjustments of the tongue and lips can dramatically enhance your overall sound and the ease with which others can understand you.  You will also learn American English stress and intonation patterns that will prevent misunderstandings and help you make your point clearly.


Our lessons feature video tutorials, extensive written material, and structured practice activities. The instruction and tips we provide are based on years of experience with language learners from all over the world. Our content will open your eyes to many sounds and patterns you never knew existed.  The best way to make significant changes to your production is to receive individualized instruction and feedback with an expert trainer in our live training courses.


Frequent, structured practice is fundamentally necessary for significant change to take place.  Will you improve without practicing? If you attend one-on-one sessions regularly, yes, but you will not improve at the same rate as someone who puts time, energy, and focus into their practice.