Speak Confidently and Be Understood: Accent Training

Our accent training self-study course will give you access not just to our 12-module training program, but all of our pronunciation courses and lessons! That’s right, absolutely everything. We have 96 courses including hundreds of lessons. We’ve worked with students from 46 countries– we’re confident that no matter where you’re from, we have the specific activities and lessons that will help you improve. Our self-study course will guide you through vowels, consonants, rhythm, intonation, linking, reductions and more! In addition to our huge collection of American English pronunciation coursework, you’ll find bonus language and communication lessons included at no extra cost. After you register, we’ll send you the information you need to get started.

Public Speaking & Business Communication Course

If you’re ready to communicate more confidently and effectively in any situation from one-to-one interactions to large group presentations, this course is for you. Some of our topics include using your voice to grab and hold your audience’s attention, storytelling, being a great conversationalist, how to make small talk, adjusting your tone in spoken and written communication, being concise and organized, and communicating fluidly. Stay tuned as we plan to release this course in the near future! To get updates, please subscribe to our newsletter or send us a quick message.

Access for Current/Former Students



  • Unlimited Access to Student Lessons
  • Intermediate to Advanced English Language Learners
  • One-Year Membership
  • *This membership level is only available to students who have taken one of our live training courses or who are currently taking a live training course with a Rupp Method Certified Trainer.*

Accent Training Self-Study Course


6 Months

  • 12-Module Self-Study Program
  • Unlimited Access to Student Pronunciation Lessons
  •  For Intermediate to Advanced English Language Learners
  • 6-Month Membership
  • 16 Hours of Recorded Video from our Live Group Course
  • 5+ Hours of Recorded Video Pronunciation Tutorials
  • 7 Hours of Recorded Audio Files
  • 96 Courses with In-depth Practice for Vowels, Consonants, Stress, Intonation, Linking, and More
  • Access to our Private Facebook Student Support Group

Access for Rupp Method Trainers/Coaches



  • Exclusive Access for Certified Trainers
  • In-Depth, High-Quality Instruction
  • 14 Hours of Recorded Video from our Live Training Event
  • 5+ Hours of Recorded Pronunciation Video Tutorials
  • Error Analysis and Feedback Practice: Audio of Students from around the World
  • Access to All Student Content (for your personal use; students must purchase their own subscriptions)
  • Yearly Membership

Need more support or guidance?

We’re here to help! Schedule a free call with us to chat about your needs and goals. Head over to the contact page to send us a quick message. You can also check out our options for customized individual training programs on our 1:1 Training page. We can create a program to meet all of your needs, whether you want to be understood more easily, communicate more powerfully in business, or become a more confident speaker and/or presenter.